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Bringing together both the offensive red team and defensive blue team capabilities to improve your overall security posture.

A comprehensive and collaborative approach to addressing security vulnerabilities

Nature can be unpredictable and full of potential threats, just like the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity. However, just as different species have adapted unique defense mechanisms to protect themselves from predators, Pathfynder's purple team services help organizations develop a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that takes into account both the attacker's perspective and the organization's defense mechanisms. By working together, the red and blue teams can identify gaps in the organization's security posture, develop strategies to address these gaps and improve the overall resilience of the organization's security infrastructure.

Purple Team

Instead of a purely adversarial engagement, this more collaborative approach to our offensive services is structured to train the security team. Our dedicated team of senior experts work with defenders in real-time to convey key findings and detail how and why they were exploited, reinforcing defenses while helping defenders think more like an attacker so they can effectively defend against them.

Purple Service

Cloud Email Security Audit

We optimize security controls in your primary email and file sharing system (e.g., M365, Google Workspace) to help prevent common attack vectors such as Business Email Compromise and associated invoice fraud, and to minimize exposure in the event of credential compromise.


Purple Service

Leveraging the strengths of both offensive and defensive capabilities

Traditional security measures, such as penetration testing, only focus on finding weaknesses in a company's defenses. However, Purple Team services bring together the strengths of both the Red Team (offensive security) and the Blue Team (defensive security) to provide a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

The Red Team conducts simulated attacks on a company's systems to identify potential vulnerabilities, while the Blue Team works to defend against these attacks and mitigate any damage. The Purple Team combines the knowledge and expertise of both teams to create a more effective and efficient security strategy.

Purple Team services also provide ongoing monitoring and testing to ensure that security measures are working effectively and can adapt to new threats as they emerge. This helps companies stay ahead of potential cyberattacks and minimize any potential damage to their business.


Overall, Purple Team services provide a proactive and collaborative approach to cybersecurity that helps companies identify and address potential vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by cybercriminals.

Purple Skies
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